Tuesday, January 4, 2011

And so it began....

Well here I go, I'm starting this blogging business with the best intentions but we will see how it works out! I'm sitting in my new room, dressed in my winter gear in January. It just seems odd. But in all honesty I'm just pleased I managed to make it here in one piece - United Airlines and LAX seemed to do everything in their power to make me miss a flight but I made all four flights yesterday which was a successful start.

The definite highlight of the trip over was the few hours I spent in Sydney catching up with some great friends. It was my first time in the city and I was sad to leave to make my connecting flight.

Me, Sam and Saira in Sydney.

The flights themselves were pretty uneventful. However, the trip hit a hurdle in LAX when I came super close to being stuck after a two and a half hour wait in immigration. We were told later the system had crashed but for a long time we were just left waiting with no idea what was happening.

LAX immigration - good times.

Thankfully there were interesting people around to chat to, and I managed to clear immigration half an hour before my connecting flight. Luckily, customs involved a guy waving me through and I somehow managed to get through security again and run down what appeared to be the longest corridor in the world in time to make my flight just as the doors were about to close.

Next stop was Chicago, which boasts my new favourite airport. A bit of a worrying moment there after our flight was delayed because the pilot was late arriving in the city - if I had missed my shuttle I would have been stuck till the morning. However, the flight ended up being super short because we didn't have to de-ice the plane and so I made it to Indianapolis in plenty of time. Was pleased I had my new birthday present (a possum fur/merino hat - thanks Mum!) to wear because it was pretty cold. I think they said it was about 30F, so about 0C?? Anyway, it was cold but not too bad and I was just happy to be out of an airport after about a day and a half of travelling.

University seems okay from the tiny amount I have seen. My room is super basic but it's all mine so I'm happy. I am about to head out an explore but even just looking out my room it's obvious this is a big place compared to Canterbury Uni. Tomorrow morning I have orientation and classes start on Monday - looking forward to getting started now.


  1. Hi Anna
    Great to see you're safely there, and to hear of your adventures to date.
    Will keep an eye out for more updates.
    All the best with the next few days,
    Chris et al

  2. I hope you're putting that hat your mum bought you to good use.....

    I hope you're having a blast.